The project

This project first began in 2003. The original idea was to have a great Canadian painter, namely Claude Le Sauteur, give life to an old dull Italian coffee machine through his marvelous artistry. Being extremely busy in the last three years creating large paintings exclusively for the Power Corporation Head Office, the offer was set aside. Later, a formal proposition was directed to the artist to realize a work of art on a green PORSCHE 911. After reflecting on the project for a number of months, Le Sauteur accepted one of the finest projects of his career.


Artwork on an automobile entails many challenges, such as preparing the vehicle, integrating the artwork using some three dimensional artistry, making sure the finish stands the test of time, etc. In October 2006, the unveiling of the artist’s work was held at the Musée National des Beaux Arts du Québec, in the presence of a few hundred people – both art lovers and experts were unanimous! This was truly a masterpiece! 

The proceeds from the event were used to provide a scholarship to a young emerging artist. Following this first success, it was decided that the project would now undertake the production of similar artwork on eight different automobiles. Four of them would be achieved by Canadian artists and four by International artists. Yves Thibeault is working in cooperation with the chosen artists. He is a genius with paints and colors and is responsible for the artwork on each automobile. Even the most demanding artists are honored to work with him.  

With time, we realized that this original project not only creates dreams in people but especially allows them to experience an extraordinary Art learning venture. These artists are all amazed by the realization of a project of this nature.

We foresee presenting this automobile artwork in Montreal and in New York between now and the end of 2014-2015. The addition of sponsors to this event will enable us to provide scholarships to young artists Christopher Wool and Takashi Murakami, among others, who create dreams for big and small in Quebec.