Porsche 911

For Sale


The production of this unique series of 8 Porsche 911 works of art will continue through 2018.

So far, four (4) of these marvelous vehicles have been painted by renowned artists.

The next one will be created by Marc Séguin, a current great Canadian painter.

These masterpieces are available for sal.

These masterpieces are now available for sale. The first of this series, the green “LeSauteur” was purchased by an art loving family.



Jean-Pierre Lafrance

Dominic Besner

Marcel Barbeau

Claude Le Sauteur


The project

This project first began in 2003. The original idea was to have a great Canadian painter, namely Claude Le Sauteur, give life to an old dull Italian coffee machine through his marvelous artistry. Being extremely busy in the last three years creating large paintings exclusively for the Power Corporation Head Office, the offer was set aside. Later, a formal proposition was directed to the artist to realize a work of art on a green PORSCHE 911. After reflecting on the project for a number of months, Le Sauteur accepted one of the finest projects of his career.